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HotSpot Manager - Hotspot Billing Solution ,Software for Access Control for Wired and Wireless Networks (Hotels, Cyber Cafe, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Coffee Shop, Shopping Mall)

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Software to Manage and Control the Access to Your Wi-Fi HotSpot or Small Local Network


Hotspot Manager is an access control software for Wi-Fi or wired network. It is design for Wi-Fi HotSpot owners to manage their wireless HotSpot or wired network.

Suitable for:
Internet Cafe , Hotel Internet Access, Cyber Cafe, Wireless Hotspot, Library, Marina Wireless Internet Access, Airport, Train Station.

-Web based Login screen for user login
-Auto generate Passwords based on session time selected

and Printing password to printer (each password is unique)
-Auto direct user's browser to Login screen
-Session time selectable from 15 minutes to 120 minutes with Day Pass -24hr and Unlimited

-Auto log user's IP address and time remaining
-Kill IP and Password when session finished

-Timer can automatically stop when user turn off his/her PC and can re-login later on
-Report of user statistic (by Day/Week/Month)
-Gateway bandwidth speed monitor
-Firewall function

-DHCP server (version 6.0)
-NAT service (for Internet Sharing , added in version 6.0)
-User database Backup & Restore function (V.6.0)
-Logout windows for user logout and timer will automatically stops (V.6.0)
-Protocols restriction function

-May connect with an automatic ticket selling machine for Self service ticket selling by coin opeated.
-Works for both wired and wireless network - 802.11a/b/g

-Works for any Windows 98 / ME / 2000 /Windows XP / Windows Vista
-Minimum requirement: Two network adapters installed.
-Wireless requirement: Wireless Access Point or Router in AP mode
-Wired network client control: Yes (suitable for Internet Cafe or Hotel Internet connection service billing)
-Wireless network client control: Yes (suitable for Wi-Fi Hotspot)

How it works!  An Example


Easy to Use:
Users pay at the counter to receive a Password (automatically generated and display/print out to a printer) for their session connection. Their laptops will be directed to a Login web page. They enter the session Password for their individual session and receive a welcome message to tell them they are now connected to the Internet for browsing. When their session time is finished, their connection will be stopped and Password will erased from database.

-Windows 98 / ME / 2000 /Windows XP / Windows Vista


New Version 6.0 with Internet Sharing Gateway & DHCP   DOWNLOAD .

Version 5.0  Download of 90-day free trial version  DOWNLOAD.

(Coin-op version 6.0 ) Download of 90-day free trial version  DOWNLOAD .


World Premium Computer Coin-op Controller

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(One site may contain at most 253 client computers)

Hotspot Manager Version 6.0 - one site license US$109.
(Included Built in NAT Internet sharing, DHCP, User-connection checking function)


 Bill-box Internet Billing Gateway and Wireless Router
All-in-one solution. No software to install. No computer required. Just a Bill-box Billing Gateway with integrated wireless router.


24 Hours x 7 Days solution!  Make it to be self service. 

Pay-n-Surf  Internet Access Ticket Kiosk .

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HotSpot Manager Howto


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