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TT-1 Model List
Terminal Technology One

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TT-1-CA Series
Coin and Bill Operated Controller for Computer
Turns any PC into Coin Operated computer

TT-1-CA Coin Operated Controller can turn any PC into Coin Operated computer. There are four PS/2 type keyboard & mouse connectors on its back - 2 in and 2 out. Plug in the PC's keyboard and mouse ports and connect the keyboard & mouse to the TT-1-CA and it will become coin operated. When a coin is inserted, it enables the keyboard & mouse to function. When the time is up, it will disable their function.

Setting up is simple, 1) place a sample coin (any currency coin) into the sample coin compartment in the machine; 2) Connect the power cord to a power source (AC 110V/220V); 3) Adjust the time per coin setting by pressing on two buttons (one is increase by 1 minute, the other is decrease by 1 minute); 4) Connect the PS/2 connectors to a PC and a set of keyboard and mouse (you can secure them by a lock). Done.

Works with Any Computer!



TT-1-2PC Series
For Two Computers
Turns any TWO PC into Bill / Coin Operated computers

Works with Two Computers!


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TT-1-WA2 Series

Coin Operated Controller For Wi-Fi Network

An effective way to charge usage fee for WiFi wireless network facilities!  Each paid user gets a unique password for using the network for a limited time. Suitable for hotel, motel, shopping mall, bar, coffee shops.


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Coin Operated Computer

TT-1-A2 incorporates a Mini-ITX Computer together with Coin Operated Controller into a single casing. It saves space and is ready for deployment upon arrival. Suitable for use in Hotel, Coffee Shop, Library, Private venues.



PICT0089-2.jpg (25603 bytes)   TT-1_224.jpg (9978 bytes) PA(PS)_2.jpg (123614 bytes)TT-1-PA(PS)

Controller For Power

-Controls electrical devices ( TV, Massage chair..) power
-Enable pay-per-use
-1200Watt electrical relay capacity (option for larger relay)
-Suitable for public place location
-Options: Single-coin/Multi-coin validator, or Bill acceptor
-Digital timer: rate adjustable by owner


PICT0089-2.jpg (25603 bytes)                                                        

Controller for Game Players

TT-1-GA controls the Joystick of Play Station and Xbox game consoles. It can enable or disable both Joysticks Pause Game/ Restart Game. Digital timer with LCD display and coin operated.

Works for Playstation2, Playstation3 / XBOX & Xbox360 !


PICT0089-2.jpg (25603 bytes)   PICT0040-2.jpg (18925 bytes) PA(PS)_2.jpg (123614 bytes)TT-1-LA

Controller for Laundry Washer and Dryer

-Control Laundry Washer and Dryer based on Cycle and Time
-Large capacity relay for larger machines

-Enable pay-per-use
-3000Watt electrical relay capacity
-Designed for Coin-op Laundry use
-Options: Single-coin/Multi-coin validator, or Bill acceptor
-Digital timer: rate adjustable by owner


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Coin Operated Serial Port Application Controller
- Develop your own application -

This controller will send signal to your computer RS-232 COM port upon receive of payment on the coin validator or bill acceptor. It is suitable for develop your own application and receive Cash payment.

A special model TT-1-MP is developed to be used with Coin-op Juke Box software TouchTone !


Hotel Solutions

Hotel Internet Area (Coin and Bill Operated Self Service 24-hours a day)
Make your guest surf the Internet, check emails in a comfortable Internet Area

We have solutions for your hotel Internet Area. Making it to be self service and runs 24-hours a day. Minimum technical support is required. Just daily collection of cash from the machines.

Solutions to make your guests enjoy staying in your hotel!

Hotel Internet Area solutions


Coin Operated EV Charger for Electric Vehicle
- Plug In - Pay Up - Charge your EV car -

This controller will help you setup EV Electric Vehicle charging station. Payment can be by Coins or Bills. It also contains an built in display for showing the charging Voltage and Current.  Timer can be set for 1 hour , 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours.


PICT0133-2.jpg (76915 bytes) TT-1-NA Series
Turn Any Network into Coin Operated

TT-1-NA Coin Operated Controller can turn any network into coin operated. It has an Ethernet Lan port (RJ-45) and a Telephone port. Connect it to your Network or Telephone line. Your network resources immediately becomes Coin Operated.

Usage is simple! User insert a coin to enable the network port located on the front panel, and plug in their Laptop computer or mobile PC. They can immediately access the Internet using broadband network or use the telephone line to dial up and fax.

Works for Any Fast Ethernet/Ethernet Network and Telephone line!


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Coin Operated LCD Computer

Based on the A2 design, this unit integrated a 15" Inch LCD monitor with Coin Operated Computer. It is the Internet Kiosk of value and small size.

Mount on any vertical surface or desktop. Works as easy as a Pay Phone!  Measures only 9.5cm in thichness and weights only 8Kg.




tt-1-wa(300pw)M_IP2.jpg (83369 bytes)     WA(300PW)BA.jpg (36930 bytes) TT-1-CPG
Cash Payment Gateway Machines (Coins & Bills accepting)

Runs 24-hours a day. No Cashier staff to hire. This Self-service Cash payment machine is for you to generate revenue 24-hours a day without any cost.


Coin Operated All-In-One LCD Computer

The slim design All-In-One LCD computer together with our coin or bill operated controller form a perfect match.  This is the complete solution out of the box for adding coin/bill operated self service computer at your venue. 


carpc04.jpg (31731 bytes)

Miniature Computer for Hotel use or most Public Place as Public Computer

Secure - Hidden - Low Power Consumption - Require a Key to turn on - Unbreakable - Anti-Thief

Computer is mounted on hidden place. Guests only see the control box unit on the desk. Upon use, the guest insert a security key into the desk unit and enable the computer to be turn on. Without the security key, the guest cannot operate the computer.



PICT0089-2.jpg (25603 bytes)TT-1-MP
Turn your computer into Coin Operated JukeBox
-Quarter for A Song-

TT-1-MP turn your computer into a Coin-operated JukeBox. Let your user select their favour tunes by clicking on the mouse. Credit will be added when insert coins.


TT-1-MV Series
Small LCD Movie Player that can be install on a chair

Provide entertainment to passengers while waiting for flight, train or bus. Insert coins or bills and select movie(s) to watch.

TT-1_365.jpg (20536 bytes) TT-1-TA

Coin Operated Wireless GSM  Pay Phone

-Builtin GSM 900/1800 or GSM 850/1900 wirless module
-Suitable for remote locations where fixed line telephone is not available
-External high-gain antenna for longer reach to GSM network
-Plug-n-Play wireless public payphone
-Coin operated detect coin by size/thickness/material
-Back light LCD display Minimum charge and Time remaining


TT-1-PA Series

Coin Operated Controller For Power Device

Coin operated TV, Coin operated media player with TV, Coin operated universal charger, etc.  We design series of coin operated power devices for pay-as-user-use purpose. These devices can provide service to users at convenient location round the clock 24 hours every day.

Model specifications

TT-1 Mini "k" kiosk pc

A 6cm kiosk PC


Coin validator and Bill Acceptor

Components for Coin and Bill accepting

These Coin and Bill accepting device can help you build your own kiosk/self service application.

Model specifications

Developers & Custom Applications

We provide:

-Timer Control Board
-Coin Mech
-Bill Acceptor
-LCD Display Board
-Custom Board & Design
-Custom casing for vending
-Micro Ticket printer control


Appliance timer
Car wash timer 
Industrial timer
Coffee Machine vending >>

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World Premium Computer Coin-op Controller

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